Cylinder Inspection Course

Our VIP program is designed for both the experienced and inexperienced cylinder inspector. Our program meets the qualifications for the required 3-YEAR RENEWAL as well as certification for those persons with no prior experience. Our course: DOT COMPLIANCE – NFPA STANDARDS – CGA RECOMMENDATIONS – STEEL/ALUMINUM/COMPOSITE CYLINDERS – VALVE REBUILDS – COMPRESSOR MAINTENANCE – FILLING STATIONS – CLEANING PROCEDURES – WORLDWIDE INSURANCE – ISO ORGANIZATION. We have designed the program to cover all the important topics in ONE DAY, no need to take more classes over numerous days. Students are provided with a manual and textbook and are issued certificates AND certification cards.

Cylinder Training Class Itinerary

The cylinder training class is a one day program designed to teach people how to inspect high pressure cylinders and the tools used during the inspection process as well as the filling process. Topics covered include:

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Hydrostatic Tests

  • Cylinder Inspections

    • Steel

    • Aluminum

    • Composite  

  • Cylinder cleaning

  • Valves

  • Fill Stations and compressors

  • Safety

  • Records and liabilities

To sign up for a class, or schedule a clas in your area please contact us at 

or call 206-601-8993