instructor - Bo Tibbetts

Bo Tibbetts is the CEO of Public Safety Dive Services and Ice Rescue Systems. He has been providing equipment and underwater crime scene training services to public safety personnel for over nine years. He’s provided complete content edits for the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations textbook and the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations Independent Study Course- Second Edition. The content is approved and endorsed by the ABMDI and the IAI. He continues to train forensic investigators and public safety dive teams nationwide from local to federal agencies. Mr. Tibbetts continues to teach a multitude of water operational courses to include surface ice rescue, swiftwater and various non-water courses to include visual cylinder inspections. He holds a bachelor’s of business degree from Colorado Mesa University. He is a credentialed adjunct professor with Colorado Mesa University, Western Colorado Community College, and The Western Colorado Peace Officer's Academy as the public safety diving program coordinator. He also holds numerous instructor certifications to include instructor trainer license from International Training.

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