Ceramic Tumbling Media

10lbs Long lasting ceramic tumbling media. Perfect media for corrosion removal in steel and aluminum cylinders when being tumbled.

Sold in 10lb Bags

Ceramic tumbling media is long lasting and durable. Its angled design aids in removal of corrosion by being more abrasive. The ceramic media creates less dust than similar products which aids in the clean up process. The size of our media makes it suitable for all cylinder sizes. The media easily pours into the neck and can be removed with the aid of a small probe or similar device.

The media may need occasional replacement. If you hold the media in your hand, and the sharp edge is gone, its time to replace the media.

The 10lb bag is an adequate amount for a cylinder with outside diameter of 7.25" / 184mm and 30" tall / 75cm. 10lbs should cover the entire side wall during the tumbling process. More tumbling media may be required for larger cylinders.

Ceramic is an excellent abrasive media. However, it could absorb some contaminates which may have been inside the cylinder. Ceramic may be more difficult to clean. We offer a Stainless media for applications where cleanliness is a concern.

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