Visual Instructor Course

We offer Instructor level classes to teach the International Training Incorporated (ITI) curriculum in Visual Inspections and Eddy Current (Adv. Thread Inspection).

We honor all instructor ratings: SDI / TDI/ ERDI / NFPA/ CGA/ PSI / PADI / NAUI/ SSI / IANTD  or any other organization which has a recognized instructor level of training.

The cost is all inclusive; instructor materials (text and PowerPoint USB), student text, instructor training manual, registration and certification.

Instructors are required to attend both the Instructor class as well as the Student class but only pay the one fee.  The purpose of attending the student class is to witness and participate in the program, see how the new program flows and assist with the training.  The instructor class goes over the logistics of the teaching, marketing and answers any questions that are specific to instructors and how to make this program work.

Instructor PreRequisites:

  • 21 years of age
  • Affiliated with an organization with a high pressure compressor and / or fill station
  • Proof of inspecting cylinders for a minimum of 6 months after completing formalized training
  • Have proof of having inspected at least 50 cylinders
  • Proof of current and active instructor rating with a recognized training agency

There are two pricing options; Affiliated and Non-Affiliated. Affiliated refers to those persons or facilities assocaited with ITI (SDI/TDI/ERDI). Non affiliated are those persons from other recognized training agencies; PADI/NAUI/PSI/SSI or those persons who are trainers in outside organizations such as fire fighting, hydrostatic requalifiers or other persons wishing to teach this program who may not be affiliated with a diving program.