HAZMAT Training Program

Facilities using high pressure cylinders need to train their employees in the dangers of compressed gases. CTS has put together a Self directed, In-House training program. The Hazmat training program gives you all the material and information to train your employees in the safe operations of a compressed gas fill station. The course was designed to meet current government safety training standards. An expereinced employee completes a declaration that they are qualified to teach the course based on their experience. That declaration gets placed in their personnel file. They provide the included manual for the new employee to read and study. The experienced employee then reviews a PowerPoint program with the staff member and discusses unique setups within their facility. The student is then given the supplied test to ensure they understand the material. The completed training documents go in that employees files for further review. At the end of the course an included certifcate template is used to provide the new employee with a certificate of completion.

The course can be used for multiple employees over time. It comes with the written manula and USB with instructions and forms.