Cylinders, Valves and Fill Stations

2020 textbook which goes hand in hand with our visual inspection class. The manual covers inspections, fill stations, valves, filtration systems and cleaning.

This manual can be read alone or be used as a refresher to the materials in conjunction with the Cylinder Training Services (CTS) cylinder inspection program. The cylinder inspection program covers all highpressure cylinders: Steel, aluminum, and composite. Along with basic cylinder nomenclature, regulations are discussed, and specific visual inspection techniques are reviewed. This manual and the course helps the staff of a facility to understand the cylinders they use, the valves within the cylinder and the process to safely fill those cylinders.


Fill Station Technician Manual

The manual is designed to give persons unfamiliar with a fill station a basic understanding. The manual covers the compressor, filters, storage banks, cylinder markings and basic safety procedures. NEW FOR 2020

VIP Student Manual

Student textbook provided during cylinder inspection program

Mini Inspection Kit

Contains the minimum items needed to do inspections on all steel, aluminum, or composite cylinders. Purchasing the kit saves you 5% off individually priced items.

Tribolube - EPO2

Tribolube-EPO2 is formulated to protect brass and other metals. EPO2 is LOX/GOX compatible and suitable for use in oxygen service applications. Can be used to spray a protective barrier on valves prior to insertion in a cylinder. It can also be sprayed on any component where protection is necessary. Consider it a liquid spray of an oxygen compatible lubricant.