Tribolube - EPO2

Tribolube-EPO2 is formulated to protect brass and other metals. EPO2 is LOX/GOX compatible and suitable for use in oxygen service applications. Can be used to spray a protective barrier on valves prior to insertion in a cylinder. It can also be sprayed on any component where protection is necessary. Consider it a liquid spray of an oxygen compatible lubricant.

The product is approximately 4ounces by weight and 2 ounces by volume. It comes in a sealed misting container to help prevent evaporation and control the application process. 

Tribolube® EPO2 is great to apply as a base coating for the entire assembly, and then use Tribolube® 71 oxygen compatible grease over the Tribolube® EPO2 treated area. In dynamic applications you want a lubricant on the o-rings. In static applications the Tribolube® EPO2 is enough to do the job, but a small amount of lubricant is beneficial.

Using both the EPO2 and Tribolube 71 ensure full covers of the metal components. Using both products helps ensure that there are no voids. 


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