Fill Station Technician Manual

The manual is designed to give persons unfamiliar with a fill station a basic understanding. The manual covers the compressor, filters, storage banks, cylinder markings and basic safety procedures. NEW FOR 2020
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Designed for persons new to the use, handling and filling of high pressure cylinders.

The Fill Station Technician Manual is an easy to read manual . It is written for anyone that fills scylinders, regardless of the industry. It is a must read for all employees that fill cylinders, giving them the basic knowledge of compressors, fill station components, cylinders and their markings. It is a reference guide to assist in the safe handling and filling of cylinders.

This 80 page manual has 6 chapters:

  • The fill station components
  • Fill station considerations
  • Cylinder overview
  • Fill station operations
  • Safety concerns
  • Logs and paperwork

Within the six chapters are color photos and diagrams. The photos cover common damage, how to meausre the damage, and when to set aside a cylinder for a formal visual inspection.


VIP Student Manual

Student textbook provided during cylinder inspection program

Cylinders, Valves and Fill Stations

2020 textbook which goes hand in hand with our visual inspection class. The manual covers inspections, fill stations, valves, filtration systems and cleaning.


Damage Estimation Training (DET) Tube. A tool to help an inspector learn to estimate damage within a cylinder.

CTS Damage Reference Plate

The damage reference plate is used to assess internal and external damage which an inspector locates on a solid wall or composite cylinder. The external points are an exact measurement of pits on the outer wall of a cylinder