Instructor - Chris Garcia

I have been diving now for over 11 years now.  From the beginning I have been on a quest for knowledge.  Knowledge for the sport that I love and the animals I get to surround myself with on almost a weekly basis.  As my training got more complicated, I wanted to know more… More about my sport and the equipment that keeps me alive.  That is when I started taking equipment courses and learning how things work.  Cylinder safety has and still remains a high priority for me, which is why I sought out my initial cylinder inspector certification.  Now I am passing that knowledge along to others so they can have a safer working environment. 

I am a traveling Instructor.  I hold classes for individuals, shops, emergency services or anyone seeking more knowledge. 

My area of training includes:

South East Georgia

North East Florida

Central Florida

South Florida (including the Florida Keys)



Chris Garcia



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