Instructor - Daniel LaBounty

Region: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia  

Daniel's first experience which led him to pursue cylinder inspection training came when he was living in Florida in 2009.  He had taken several SCUBA cylinders to a local dive shop to be visually inspected and witnessed the dive shop simply scraping the old stickers off and putting new ones on without conducting any inspections.  He knew that wasn't right, but didn't realize the full implications until a few years later.  Soon after becoming an independent SCUBA instructor, Daniel purchased a personal compressor and was filling his own cylinders.  Recognizing the need to learn about cylinder safety, he sought out and received training on how to properly visually inspect high pressure cylinders. This training developed a healthy respect for high pressure cylinders and the hazards they bring.  In 2016, after five years of formally inspecting cylinders, he was introduced to Cylinder Training Services (CTS) through International Training (SDI/TDI/ERDI).  Recognizing the value and immense detail of the CTS courses, he enrolled in, and completed, the CTS Visual Inspection Procedure Course, CTS Advanced Thread Inspection Course, and the CTS VIP Instructor Course.  While Daniel's primary focus as an SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer is in the SCUBA industry, he recognizes the need of anyone working with high pressure cylinders to receive proper training and teaches CTS courses to a wide variety of industries including aviation, firefighting, hospitality and beverage businesses.  

 Phone: 910-346-9500