Option #1

Non-Affiliate option #1


Option #1 is designed for current dive instructors who also want to teach programs through International Training Incorporated (SDI/TDI & ERDI). It also allows the person to brand their facility on certification cards and be listed on the ITI website for people searching for the Visual Inspection program. Option #1 is a full crossover and provides the instrutor the ability to cross over all of their current diving certifications to SDI/TDI/ERDI (depending on current status and recognition). For an additional  fee, the instructor can also apply to become an ITI facility (ask for current pricing). This option requires annual instructor dues and annual facility dues (if applicable), but gives you the option of obtaining instructor insurance.


Full crossover to ITI (SDI/TDI/ERDI)

Complete crossover package including backpack, instructor materials, crossover fees

All of your current training certifcations are placed into this one package - no need to add each individual certification. (This option alone can save you hundreds of dollars)