Option #2

Non-Affiliate option #2


Option #2 involves being listed as an assistant instructor through (International Training Incorporated (ITI). An assistant instructor can teach the visual program, but pays less in annual dues and fees. Option #2 is recommended for current dive instructors who wish to stay with their training agency, but only need to teach the ITI visual inspection program.

Option #2 is the only option for those persons who do not hold a dive instructor certificate. FOR EXAMPLE: If a person holds an instructor rating in fire suppression, but has no dive instructor rating, they would choose this option.

The assistant instructor would purchase products through ITI headquarters and submit the paperwork to register their students. The certifcation cards would be branded ITI.

Cylinder Training Services (CTS) also offers the following special package to assist those who want to minimize the administrative process: 

The assistant instructor can be affiliated with CYLINDER TRAINING SERVICES (CTS). With this option the assistant instructor will buy training materials through CTS and send the registration materials back to CTS. CTS handles all the paperwork and registrations for the students. The assistant instructor using this option will buy a materials packet from CTS for each student. The packet would include the manual, student book and registration certificate. However, the certification card will have CTS as the training facility and the visual instructor will not have the option of being listed on the ITI website.

The benefits to option 2 include:

·         Lower annual dues

·         Lower shared insurance fees paid through the facility

·         Limited hassles with registrations since the facility handles that component

The negatives to option 2 include:

·         No private branding on the certification card

·         No personal web listing on the ITI website – you must rely on the CTS website for listing, or develop your own web listings for the visual program.