We carry a unique line of protective lubricants to help prevent corrosion in high pressure cylinders and galvanic corrosion.

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Tribolube - EPO2

Tribolube-EPO2 is formulated to protect brass and other metals. EPO2 is LOX/GOX compatible and suitable for use in oxygen service applications. Can be used to spray a protective barrier on valves prior to insertion in a cylinder. It can also be sprayed on any component where protection is necessary. Consider it a liquid spray of an oxygen compatible lubricant.


2 ounce syringe of Tribolube - 71. Oxygen compatible, oxygen safe, synthetic lubricant for all your cylinder and valve needs. Specifically designed for open and closed circuit diving systems as well as any high pressure gas delivery system.

Tribolube - 2080

Medium grade silicone grease product.