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Don KinneyInstructor Trainer {VIP & Eddy Current}WorldwideINFO
Amy BruecksInstructor / Hydro-tester  {VIP & Eddy Current}Oklahoma - U.S.INFO
Bo TibbettsInstructor { VIP}Colorado - Rocky Mountain Region - U.S.INFO
Phillippe YersinInstructor Trainer { VIP }Florida - U.S. INFO
Dominique GingrasInstructor {VIP }Canada - QuebecINFO
Richard ThomasInstructor { VIP }Texas - U.S.INFO
Tom McKeeInstructor { VIP }North East U.S.INFO
Richard StavoeInstructor { VIP }Michigan - U.S. INFO
Stephen TanInstructor { VIP }S.E. Michigan - U.S.INFO
Andy SilvermanInstructor { VIP }Ohio INFO
Tom CarrInstructor { VIP }California - U.S.INFO
Scott SandersInstructor Trainer { VIP }Northeast - U.S.INFO
Chris GarciaInstructor { VIP }Georgia and FloridaINFO
Douglas LeeInstructor { VIP }New JerseyINFO
Michael LynchInstructor { VIP }MichiganINFO
James NimzInstructor { VIP }U.S. National Parks ServiceINFO
Tim GeraldInstructor { VIP }IowaINFO
Tony PietrantonioInstructor { VIP }North CarolinaINFO
Daniel LaBountyInstructor { VIP }N & S Carolinas and VirginaINFO
Chad ConnerInstructor Trainer {VIP }Arizona / SouthwestINFO