Affiliate Pricing

Affiliate Instructor Pricing - CALL IF INTERESTED

This pricing structure is designed for those persons or facilities associated with International Training (ITI) which include SDI/TDI and ERDI. Persons affiliated with ITI are assumed to have a facility # or to be associated with a facility # through ITI. If you have a question as to status you can visit their Website (TDISDI.COM) and conduct a search.

The prerequisites for this affiliate pricing include:

  • Current ITI instructor and/or Assistant Instructor
  • 21 years of age
  • Affiliated with an organization with a high pressure compressor and / or fill station
  • Proof of inspecting cylinders for a minimum of 6 months after completing formalized training
  • Have proof of having inspected at least 50 cylinders

The $700 fee includes the following:

  • Upgrade fee with ITI to be registered to teach the visual program
  • Instructor guide
  • VIP PowerPoint program
  • Student manual
  • One-day inspection program (Instructors must attend a one-day course being taught by a currently certified visual instructor)
  • ½ day instructor program to review the program and materials to be used during the program