Non-Affiliate instructor Pricing

Non-Affiliate Instructor Pricing - CALL IF INTERESTED

This pricing structure is designed for those persons not currently affiliated with ITI individually or through a facility. These might include persons from an outside training agency such as PADI/NAUI/PSI/SSI/IANTD. ITI recognizes these training organizations and welcomes their instructors into this program. The cost is greater, but includes the process to become an affiliated member.

The pricing is also designed for those persons who have no affiliation with a dive training organization, but holds a training certificate from ANY recognized organization with a training component, or has experience training this program in other environments. Some examples may include; a firefighter who holds an instructor rating within their agency, a hydrostatic requalifier who has been training safety through their business or a fire suppression employee who trains in a similar area, but wishes to instruct this specific program.

The options determine if you only one to teach this one specifc course, or if you are qualified, you can transfer all of your teaching credentials over to SDI/TDI/ERDI for one combined price.

Prerequisites for either option include:

  • Hold an instructor rating with a recognized training agency or show proof of formalized instructor training (understand the basic protocols when instructing students)
  • 21 years of age
  • Affiliated with an organization with a high pressure compressor and / or fill station
  • Proof of inspecting cylinders for a minimum of 6 months after completing formalized training
  • Have proof of having inspected at least 50 cylinders

The non-affiliate fee includes the following and students choose option 1 or option 2:

  • Registration fees with ITI as a new member
  • Instructor guide
  • VIP PowerPoint program
  • Student manual
  • One-day inspection program (instructors must attend a one-day course being taught by a currently certified visual instructor)
  • ½ day instructor program to review the program and materials to be used during the program
  • ½ day crossover program to understand how to register students and purchase training materials and understand the ITI training procedures.

The non-affiliate pricing has two options based on the level of involvement the instructor wishes to have with ITI.