Web Based APP

Web Based APP

Cylindex Web based application

We have been promoting our visual cylinder inspection APP which we refer to as CYLINDEX. The Cylindex APP takes the hassle out of completing paper forms during visual inspections of high-pressure cylinders. Any user can go to APPLE or ANDROID and download the Cylindex APP for free. They can stay an individual user or join an existing team of inspectors. The APP walks the inspector through the inspection process documenting the cylinder characteristics along the way. At the conclusion of the inspection process the data is logged electronically and the user is given the option of printing a PDF document of the inspection report. The data is searchable for future reference and records the government required inspections.

The APP is designed for phones, tablets and small screens, to make it easy to use in the field by anyone on your team. We have improved this APP to make it web based and easier to use from a laptop or computer. Larger screens are easier to use when updating user information or reviewing a specific form. It is also difficult to print from a phone or tablet. The web-based version makes the administration process easy and accessible.

Web based CYLINDEX works the same as the APP so there is not a steep learning curve. We mimicked the APP as much as possible. You will see a different layout, more conducive to a full computer. The search functions still allow for you to use a serial number or name. The interface allows the administrator to update or delete users from their company files. And you will be able to see multiple customers or cylinders from one screen.

CYLINDEX is a free resource. The purpose of Cylindex is to make your inspection process easier and give resources to other services or products. There are direct links to Cylinder Training Services products and training classes. If you need knowledge or products while using the APP, Cylinder Training Services is only one click away.

To help you use the APP and its functions we have created an instruction manual to get answers and help navigate through the inspection process.

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